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    Me Jerzy VI

    Mockumentary with a grain of salt

    After many years of waiting, the fate of the famous Mishima family lived to film adaptation. At the beginning it is worth mentioning that Heihachi and company is the most pathological family the world has ever seen. The father throws his son into the volcano, the son tries to kill his father, after some time even the great grandfather joins the competition and the demon possessed tries to kill all family members. At least this is the story presented in the six editions of the Tekken fighting game so far. The creators made the relationships between the characters very shallow, limited family threads and focused on mindless fighting in the arena. Perhaps a little too ironic, because it is known that no one expects a psychological drama after this film. There is nothing to hide, however, that the plot of this picture is coarse, predictable, hackneyed, not very controversial, dull … you can count the right epithets indefinitely, but honestly, who cares? What is important in this movie? How the creators managed to reflect the realities of the game. Answers may vary. Certainly a lot of controversy will arise because of the selection of characters, where a lot of space is devoted to unknown players such as Rojo or Dragunow. A few other characters with their virtual counterparts only have a common name (Kazuya, Marshall Law), but some have been very faithfully portrayed. Brian and Eddy not only look but also fight the same as in the game. The sight of the sisters Williams and Christie is also very pleasing to the eye, although the latter does not use capoeira, at least a very tempting outfit has been designed for her. Some departures in character creation are not surprising, because probably only Sylvester Stallone would be able to play Heihachi Mishima, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, although he is not suitable for a warrior, he works as an actor. All in all, one could not fault the casting if it wasn’t for the fatal selection of the main role performer. Jin Kazama is luscious, not very charismatic and could work a bit more on musculature.

    In this, and in most cases, the comparison with the video game goes to the minus.

     Another difference between the movie and the virtual original is the frequent use of melee weapons during combat.

    This particular element is hard to count adaptation as a plus, because all tools take away the struggle of effectiveness, which can be seen especially during the last fight. Fortunately, fist fights are well realized. However, who saw "Undisputed 3" certainly will not be impressed by this element, because it is a much lower level. The fault lies partly in the too dynamic assembly, but on the other hand, it tries to mask the deficiencies in the physical training of most actors who are not as fit as Scott Adkins and the rest of the fibroids from the above-mentioned movie. It is good, however, that there is a lot of murder in "Tekken", because thanks to this you do not have to bother with naive moralizing and the remains of the plot. To be successful, every player must have the ambition to work hard and take on new challenges. This was lacking for the film producers, who decided to do a decent average, on which fans of the game and fans of the genre will throw themselves. Everyone else watches the movie at their own risk. This picture is just an entertainment movie that doesn’t stand out as a plus or minus. Only thanks to the interesting license interest in him is greater, and a few familiar characters are nice to look at. Hence, the final grade stands slightly above average. In the end, the only question is: why does Namco spoil a great brand with such a thing, because from games of greater profits this film will certainly not bring them. Let’s hope that despite the open ending, the sequel to this particular adaptation will never see the light of day, and Jin and his family will return to the screens in a better (animated?) Form. .