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    Oahu is the year 2020, however when it comes to slip dresses, it could at the same time be 1995, as the trend will go strong – just as strong because it was when Jennifer Aniston was wearing those slinky, sultry little numbers as Rachel Green on Friends and, obviously, for the red carpet.

    While you’ll find commonly information on the slip dress which render it seem fit to the bedroom – romantic lace and spaghetti-thin straps, to mention a couple – the boudoir mood could be channeled inside the streets, and there are so many approaches to undertake it. A slip dress is lightweight enough to layer, and one of several only wardrobe staples seems similar in results within chunky knit or floor-length coat because it does over a ribbed turtleneck or maybe your favorite long sleeve.

    It is also one of those night out go-to basics that could be easily worn to work underneath an oversize blazer throughout the day – and now we know you do not possess way too many versatile items like that within your closet! Ahead, we’re breaking down everything to know in regards to a slip dress in its most recognizable iteration, and also promoting prime styling tips, along with some in our favorite shopping options if you’re low on stock.

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