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    High Temperature Pressure Messfühler with high temperatures immune stress core as well as sky-blue core as pressure measurement materials. After high reliability accroître circuit and accurate temp compensation. The total or assess pressure involving the measured channel is usually converted into standard electric powered signals such as five ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 5VDC, 0 ~ 10VDC. It truly is furthermore widely applied in market. Collect force signals in the items of some high-temperature water vapor and fluid plumbing.

    Sino-Inst is some sort of producer connected with high heat pressure detectors in The far east. Committed to help the manufacture, sales and even anatomist support of substantial temperature force sensors.

    Functions of High Temperature Stress Sensor

    High temperature -40 ℃ ~ 200 ℃; -40 ℃ ~ 300 ℃; -40 ℃ ~ six hundred ℃; -40 ℃ ~ 800 ℃

    Stainless steel steel included structure can adapt to unpleasant conditions

    Small size, excessive exactness, high cost performance, excessive stability

    -100KP ~ zero ~ 100MPA

    Various normal signal output options, effortless for consumer debugging

    Super protection, electromagnetic / radio frequency interference resistance

    Large power supply range (5 ~ 40V)

    With no place, full scale adjustable

    SS304 stainless steel enclosure structure

    Technical specs of Excessive Temperature Pressure Sensor

    Range: -100KPa ~ zero ~ 100MPa recommended

    magnetostrictive liquid level sensor magnetostrictive level sensor operating principle

    Accuracy and reliability: ± 0. 5% FS (composite error as well as non-linear repeatability hysteresis)

    Output sign: 5 ~ 20mADC (two-wire system), 0 ~ 10mADC, zero ~ 20mADC, zero. 5 various ~ 4. 5VDC, 0 ~ 5VDC, one ~ 5VDC, 0 ~ 10VDC (three wire system)

    Power supply voltage: 5 ~ 40VDC (two-wire system), eighteen ~ 40VDC (three-wire system)

    Medium heat: -40 ℃ ~ two hundred ℃ -40 ℃ ~ 400 ℃ -40 ℃ ~ six hundred ℃ -40 ℃ ~ 800 ℃

    Ambient heat: -30 ℃ ~ one zero five ℃

    Pressure connection: M20 * 1. 5 M22 * 1. 5 M16 * 1. 5 M11 * 1 NPT1 and 4 NTP1 / 3 NTP3 / 8 G1 / 8 G1 or 2 G1 / five G3 / 8, a single / 2-20UNF, etc. Some other threads can be in accordance to customer requirements design and style

    Zero temperature drift: ≤ ± zero. 02% FS ℃

    Collection temperature wander: ≤ ± 0. 02% FS ℃

    Compensation temperature: 0 ~ 80 ℃

    Safety clog: 150% FS ℃

    Amazing overload: 200% FS ℃

    Response period: 5 microsoft (up to be able to 90% FS)

    Vibration result: The consistency is ten ~ 100KHZ, the speeding is 10g, all often the effects are less in comparison with ± 0. 1% FS

    Test medium: Various beverages and gases compatible using 17-4PH stainless steel

    Enclosure material: 304 or 316 stainless steel

    Power link: Hessman 3009 connection

    Applications of High Temperature Stress Sensor

    High Temperature Force Sensor is used in business fields for instance water indoor plants, oil refineries, sewage treatment method plants, constructing materials, light source industry, systems, etc. to achieve the measurement regarding liquid, gas and steam pressure.

    Application examples:

    Manufacturing field process pressure detection

    Laboratory pressure calibration system

    Nautical and shipbuilding

    Aviators and aircraft manufacturing.

    Air flow separation equipment and cold weather power units

    Cooling Element

    Can pressure transmitters strategy high temperature media?

    Buyers often times have such the problem. Consequently can pressure transmission devices genuinely measure high heat media? The solution is yes. Connected with course, the pressure antanna cannot directly contact typically the high-temperature medium. Prolonged exposure to high-temperature media can effortlessly damage the pressure fühler. Usually when measuring large temperature advertising, the tension transmitter will be equipped with a stainless steel high temperature sink gadget. Avoid one on one contact between the medium plus the transmission device. Some sort of condensing tube can also end up being additional on the time frame of the heat kitchen sink to reduce the mar to the transmitter caused by extreme temperature.

    Large temperature-resistant pressure transmitters apply Hessman fittings to keep often the signal stable, typically the circuit design is consistently optimized, and the anti-interference capacity is strong. The temperature sink and primary are totally combined to operate typically at high temperatures.

    Substantial temperature-resistant pressure transmitter:

    Putting stainless steel heat drain judging by standard type together with industrial type is great heat type product, separated into normal high heat range type and manufacturing high temperatures type. 4 ~ 20mA output, volts 0 ~ 5V or one ~ 5/0 ~ 10V, etc.

    Standard high temperature sort, all stainless steel composition, small size and simple installation. High temperature commercial type, throw aluminum housing, terminal end result and simple wiring. When the existing output is required, some sort of electronic display meter may be also provided.

    Normal high temperature model, high temperature industrial type, optional intrinsically safe explosion-proof field isolation and explosion-proof.

    The computer compensation technology is acquired, and the temperatures float is usually small. ± 0. 01% FS / ℃ integrated circuit, high precision, strong anti-interference ability.

    Used in petroleum, chemical, steel alloy, light industry, machinery and equipment, strength constant strain variable consistency water source and other market sectors pressure detection. When the heat range is pretty high, a fondre pipe as well as a fondre continues to be used.

    Add-on Substantial Temp Adapter

    Add-on Superior Temperatures Adapter can as well be called tension stream tube. The part can be to cool the measured medium and smooth the pressure fluctuations. When the force regarding liquid, steam together with condensable gas whose temperatures will be higher than 62 ℃ is detected, the source part of the particular pressure sensor installed nearby should have a ring-shaped condensation wedding ring or a U-shaped glace bend.

    Add-on High Temperature Adapter can be mainly used in high temperature setting with poroso or over loaded steam. Avoid direct exposure to high-temperature liquid inside the stress sensor.

    Sino-Inst offers heat-resistant Stress Sensors/Transducers. A variety of high temperature Pressure sensors possibilities are available to a person. Such as absolutely free trials, paid samples. Sino-Instrument is a globally recognized supplier of high temperature Stress sensors, located in China. Sino-Inst sells through the mature supply network of which reaches all 30 countries worldwide. Tension sensors merchandise are most popular in The eu, Southeast Asia, and Middle East. You may ensure product safety by selecting from certified providers. With ISO9001, ISO14001 recognition.