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    4 Keys to Selling: Marketing and Lead Generation for Auto Dealers

    Sometimes it’s the car, but more often, it’s the man. Selling cars is not rocket science – but it isn’t something that everyone else can do either. Every auto dealer knows that to sell more units, effective marketing and lead generation strategies must be employed and executed. However, the typical "buy now" or "rent now" selling will rarely cut it. To sell more, you need to do more.

    Step up your marketing game and know exactly how to talk and sell to your customers to close more deals every month. Here are 4 ways to generate leads and market better:

    Focus on creating content that caters to your customers’ woes

    If a potential leads searches about cars, chances are, they aren’t looking to buy a new car immediately. A lot of them could just be looking for a solution to their car problems — scouring the internet for answers to a radiator leak, rapid oil consumption, or car emission problems. Make it a point to tackle topics on your content. Give them a solution to the problem without necessarily selling to them.

    Make sure that after they read your content, they get something valuable out of it. This shows that you understand what they go through and you relate to them.

    Understand the value of trust

    When communicating to potential leads, whether during an upfront conversation, correspondence, call or even in your content, make sure that you talk to them as a person, not always a salesman. Some of the biggest car dealers know that sometimes, the best way to sell is not to sell. Make your clients understand that they have a choice. So that even if they don’t decide to make a purchase, it wouldn’t be a problem. It shows that you’re out to establish relationships and not just for cash. It builds trust which is a valuable commodity in retail.

    Know the best places for car sales lead generation

    Spread your reach. Know which platforms to sell on, and the best way to make your presence known. Learn how to utilize various social media and marketing platforms to your advantage. Facebook Marketplace, Facebook groups, local publications, and reviewers are some of the ideal places to get leads and market.

    Creating a strong network of referrals is also one of the best ways to get leads. Making sure that your website is up to date and is complete with information for potential clients is also essential. Knowing where you should be is the best way to be seen.

    Set up your own lead follow up and invitation system

    Lead generation is one thing but taking care of your leads and having a funnel that they can flow to and progress towards a sale is another. Create a secure lead follow-up system to make sure that your leads remember you in case they ever consider purchasing a car.

    A lead follow-up system includes knowing what type of calls to make, and ensure quick response to possible queries. We create automated follow-up systems for dealers that take the heavy lifting off of the BDC reps allowing them to focus more on setting the appointments. This might mean you might have to spend a bit, but if spending means utilizing all possible means to reach your leads, then you’re likely to make more sales.

    At this point, you already know that selling isn’t a simple linear process. Many things go down in every sale. But if anything, effective car salesmanship entails knowing how to balance consumer interest and marketing — knowing how to sell and when to sell matters and can be the difference between winning or losing a deal.

    All of the processes that come with selling, from lead generation to closing a deal, also requires consistency. You need to be consistent and up to date with the latest market trends and make sure to be in on it. When combining all these elements, you’ll get yourself a winning system in auto dealing.

    If a potential leads searches about cars, chances are, they aren’t looking to buy a new car immediately. For more details check out

    Lead Generation For Auto Dealers.