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    The work of a motivational speaker just isn’t as easy as many thinks. Moreover, motivating a sports team who’re facing their low times is a very difficult task. Many famous sports personalities have tried their hands within this process however they failed. However, Anita DeFrantz is but one such athlete who may have been inspiring numerous sports teams for some time. The topics of speech chosen by this US
    women’s rowing team’s captain is incredible.

    Anita is really a celebrity speaker who may have touched the lives of a giant number of athletes permanently. Her test is impactful yet polite plus they strike the right chord using the listener. She’s taught many athletes how to become successful inside their category and the way they can work as a team. Here are a few popular topics Anita speaks on while speaking for a sports team:

    Enhancing personal skills while keeping your focus on teamwork

    Working on personal skills and focusing on teamwork concurrently is a very tough process. But Anita DeFrantz can help one with the easiest method for doing this. She was the captain of the US women’s rowing team and it has brought home a bronze medal inside the Olympic Games. As all know that rowing is really a sport that needs top-notch teamwork. Therefore, Anita’s knowledge within this topic can’t be doubted for an instance and that is why people choose to hire Olympic champion speaker.

    Taking each day seriously

    A sportsperson does not have any holiday like a day-off means going a stride back in the skill development process. Athletes have to keep their practice sessions on for One year in a year should they want to score well in this domain. They can not afford to require a day lightly and may focus on the long-term goal effectively. Anita DeFrantz assists her audience understand the importance of every day in a sportsperson’s life through her perfectly-chosen words. Her speech has motivated players immensely and that could be noticed in their following performances.

    Anita DeFrantz has been known as the famous black athlete author and her book ‘My Olympic Life: A Memoir’ is very inspiring. Several sports associations around the globe have invited her because the chief speaker on various occasions.