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    As compared with other types of flooring materials, the bamboo version is much vulnerable in a sense that such floor is likely to show dents, marks and scratches that arise from direct contact with spiky and sharp objects. For instance, those unnecessary marks are normally caused by spiky heels or furniture feet. Thus, it is important to get such flooring with affordable rates and take note of the preventive measures to maintain the condition of such flooring on a long -term basis.

    The hardness of bamboo flooring varies from natural solid bamboo, carbonized bamboo and strand woven bamboo. Depends on your personal preferences, if prefer softer flooring material – hence, you would choose the carbonized bamboo. If you are used to hardwood-type of flooring – it is wisely that you choose the strand woven bamboo which has the harder than other hardwood-like materials.

    Be sure that these bamboo flooring buying guide products is manufactured by reputable companies which offer such reliable products with affordable prices. Besides that, a reputable company would normally have a detailed product description that elucidates the flooring materials that they used, the flooring grade, and the hardness of the flooring (which is based on the Janka hardness scale). Take note of these details before you start purchasing a flooring product.