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    Confidential document shredding can be a technique of disposing your waste and reducing it to small pieces, making the documents unreadable. This is incredibly important as identity fraud grows more and more prevalent as the years pass. Legally too, it is vital that you protect your employee, financial & customer data plus show that you just have written plans in position for doing so. This is where an industrial document shredding service helps.

    Document shredding Sydney can post you confidential waste bags within the post so that you just can bag your own documents, files and folders etc… Some companies may even shred manila files and lever arch files, even with all of the metal parts still attached. These bags feature a security seal in order to make sure only the people you should will dsicover the documents. The company will pick your filled bags in the secure vehicle and transport them for shredding. The bags are dropped directly into the shredder, so no person will ever see the contents. Whole bags of paper can be shredded within minutes, it’s unlikely that any at any given time much like a normal office shredder. Once shredding is Secure document destruction Melbourne , the pieces produced are just a few millimetres in size and yes it could be extremely hard to re-create the main document.

    The customer might be given a piece of paper of destruction to prove the operation is complete. You should also check that the organization will send your shredded documents for recycling, which is not only ethical; it will also help decrease your company carbon footprint. After all, what is simpler to recycle than paper?